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Global Challengers: TSMC

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) is another great example of the type of companies we are looking for in our emerging markets universe. This time, we will be highlighting a company that has long ago already evolved from a “Global Challenger” into a “Global Leader”. TSMC in fact pioneered the dedicated foundry industry and today still has the largest market share worldwide by far.

What do Santa Claus and gaming companies have in common? (Part 1)

Everyone knows Finland houses “the real” Santa Claus, or simply Santa. However, not many among us may be aware that Finland has also given birth to some of the most successful games companies in the world today.

Global Challengers: Anta Sports

Anta Sports is a great example of the type of Global Challengers we are looking for. The Anta brand was established in 1991. The company’s strategy is to be a competitive global player in terms of sportswear and apparel. They are already known as ‘China’s Nike’. Thanks to the acquisition of Amer Sports, a Finish sportswear conglomerate having brands such as Wilson, Salomon, Arc'Teryx, PeakPerformance, Atomic, they are now also expanding globally.

Passive investment and gigantism in the tech sector: a dangerous cocktail?

The combination of all-encompassing gigantism in the technology sector and blind buying in passive investment products could, however, turn out to be dangerous if everybody wants to head for the exit.


Be ready to be inspired by Paul Hawken, one of the most respected voices on sustainability at our next Econopolis Economic Encounter

Econopolis announces appointment of Siddy Jobe as Technology Portfolio Manager

ANTWERP, March 18th 2019 – Econopolis has further strenghened its Technology Fund team with the appointment of Siddy Jobe as Technology Portfolio Manager, based in Antwerp (Belgium). In his new role at Econopolis, Siddy Jobe will be responsible for the active management of the upcoming Econopolis Exponential Technologies Fund, together with Marc Langeveld. In addition to havin ...

Belgische aandelen doorgelicht

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A Fresh Perspective on the Active vs. Passive Investing Debate

In our work at Econopolis, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to construct the best investment portfolios—and these days, a big part of that conversation centers on the role of active and passive styles of investing, an ongoing (and sometimes quite heated!) debate in the financial industry.  This isn’t just an academic conversation: It has the potential to affec ...

A Fresh Perspective on "Buy and Hold" as an Investment Strategy

Contrary To Popular Belief, "Buy And Hold" Isn't A One-Size-Fits-All Investment Strategy. The appeal of buy and hold investing is simplicity. Buy and hold requires little intelligence, skill, or serious effort, and it completely ignores the essential investment concept of managing risk. Buy and hold's allure is as old as eternity - get rich with little or no effort. Just mindl ...

How to navigate in a VUCA world?

VUCA is a concept that originated with students at the U.S. Army War College to describe the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of the world after the Cold War. And now, the concept is gaining new relevance to characterise the current macro-economic environment and the leadership required to navigate it successfully. Unpredictable events happening outside an or ...