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Our mission is to help our clients safeguard their assets and to obtain superior investment returns.  Building an outstanding firm with exceptional individuals will enable us to achieve this goal.Our success can only be measured in terms of the success of our clients. Our core values are predicated on the following:

Preserving wealth

After the turbulence of the past decade, private investors and families, as well as certain institutional investors, have realised that the preservation of wealth is more important than just trying to do better than the market (benchmark investing). Econopolis strives to ensure positive and stable absolute returns for its clients.


Counterparty risk is a reality. Banks can fail. Our primary concern is to ensure your assets are deposited securely. We don’t think it’s enough just to spread assets over different banks.


We work to a simple rule: if the client doesn’t understand the instrument or the reason for the purchase, then it has no place in his or her portfolio.


We provide a consolidated overview and are only paid on the basis of previously established transparent fees from the client without hidden revenues or third-party retrocessions.


Our reputation is without doubt our most important asset. In order to protect our good name at all times, we always conduct a scrupulous investigation before selecting our partners, our team members, our potential investments and our possible clients.

Slow money

We don’t believe in fast and furious portfolio trading. We take carefully-considered long-term investment decisions and also offer our clients access to non-listed opportunities, to create a closer link between the client and the underlying investment.


We spend a great deal of time getting to know our clients, their families or their companies. We don’t accept all clients. There has to be a cultural and intellectual fit. Our relationships with clients must also continue to evolve and lead to a stronger bond based on mutual trust.


We adopt absolute discretion regarding the identity of our private clients in asset management, the size of the assets or the information about their activities or their businesses.


We believe we have the duty to leave our society and the assets entrusted to us in a better state than the one in which we found them.


We test ourselves against the highest ethical and professional standards, and we expect our clients to do the same. We do not accept assignments or mandates that we cannot fulfil in a professional manner.