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Why Econopolis?

Protecting, growing, accomplishing…


The events of our private and working lives rarely coincide with the ups and downs of financial markets. Your savings, investments, real estate, pension, taxes and inheritance are all closely linked and should be seen as parts of a whole. Our dynamic and personalised approach to wealth management adapts constantly to your ever-changing situation.

A clear, innovative wealth management philosophy


We favour a totally open and unbiased mindset on wealth management that enables you to access the products and services that best meet your individual profile and needs. 

Whether through our stock selection processes, flexible financial products or funds-only portfolios, our techniques developed in-house provide you with a dynamic and personalised approach to wealth management.

Wealth knows no borders


Wealth has no borders for most of our clients: their fortune spans several countries and even continents. Mastering the complexity of each individual situation requires a highly specialised set of skills and local expertise.

Our advisers based in Belgium (Antwerp), Switzerland (Geneva) or Singapore know your culture and master your economic and legal environment. They are able to suggest local alternatives and a multi-deposit concept.


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