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Discretionary Portfolio Management


Would you rather not handle the details of difficult financial and capital market questions, but instead have more freedom to live your life while still remaining up to date at all times? Do you want knowledgeable specialists to deal with the ever more complex capital market questions?

Then you are in very good hands with our Private Wealth Management team. We will place your assets responsibly in promising capital market investments, always within clear boundaries set with you. In regular conferences we discuss with you the development of your investments, and modify the strategic focus as necessary. 

Wealth protection


With persistently low interest rates, investors are being driven from low-volatility investments to more volatile or illiquid ones, which can entail a significant risk of loss. If investors want to remain resilient to risk even in times of crisis, they need reliable investment solutions. 

As specialists in capital preservation, our chief concern has always been to protect your family assets from the current and future financial vicissitudes. In close consultation with you, we prepare your wealth for the following generations and ensure that it responds to the new reality of the coming decades to the maximum.

The total picture


Income, expenses and debts are just a few pieces of your financial puzzle. Taking inventory of your assets is a critical part of completing the picture. Real estate, artworks, participations, business activities and investments outside the stock exchange: Econopolis advises families on the management of their entire wealth. The aim: to prepare the inheritance for the coming generations.

We also offer cutting-edge wealth reporting and consolidated statements that give a complete overview of our client's assets and performance and, in return, enable better decisions.

Guiding you through the maze


We are your guide, leading you through the financial-economic labyrinth and protecting you from the practices that over the last few years have resulted in derailments and huge losses. Your personal advisor acts as a knowledge curator for you, drawing from our extensive network of in-house specialists in Asset Management, Macro Economics and Private Equity. With more than 25 specialists, we are one of the few truly independent wealth management boutiques in Belgium, and are regularly recognised for our financial markets expertise as well as our assessments of macroeconomic matters. Our expertise aid with specific questions from companies, foundations and family offices. In addition, where necessary we call on the expertise of dependable, long established third parties.



Our investment management is based on the insights described in the bestseller Econoshock and TV series. Based on 6 major 'Econoshocks' that will impact the economy and future society, Econopolis' founder and Chief Economist Geert Noels explains in this book exactly how we stand for now and what we can expect from the future.

The insights and conclusions from this book form the core principles in our long term investment strategy. With an unusual approach, attuned to the new economic realities and built on sacred basic principles of impartiality, sustainability and transparency.



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