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Content drives relationships.
Relationships are build on trust.
Trust drives performance.

Geert Noels

Exclusive seminars


Econopolis is a transparent organisation. A company that believes in open communication about our opinions and strategy.

We share our unbiased views on the economy, the financial world and our society through traditional and new media channels. We explain our investment strategy to our clients in a very comprehensible and accessible way, so they understand in detail what we are doing and why.

And we organize seminars for the Econopolis community with the world’s leading economic opinion makers. Economists with a clear insight, a well argued opinion, a global view. Opinion leaders who see through the mist of every day events. And focus on what really matters: the bigger picture.

Prof. Dr. Hermann Simon
Prof. Dr. Pattie Maes

Thought-provoking speakers


Over the past years, we had the pleasure to welcome such renowned economists and visionary speakers as Jeremy Rifkin, Nassim Taleb, Nouriel Roubini, John Mauldin, James Robinson, Pierre Lagrange, Brad Templeton and many more.

We believe in the art of transparent communication: challenging mainstream opinions and questioning generally accepted truths. Through the confrontation of opinions and fact based arguments we build a long term strategy and an investment policy aimed at safeguarding your assets and helping them to grow in challenging financial times.

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