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Unique in every way


For wealthy investors and families, managing complex and multilayered portfolios with multiple banks can be challenging, in terms of time and expertise. Econopolis offers discreet, highly professional and individual services. In addition to relieving you of administrative burden, providing continuous fee monitoring, and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of asset managers, we also help in the transfer of wealth to the next generation.

Like a family business


Managing and advising family assets requires the same care as that of a family business. Just as the purpose of a family is to ensure the continuity and growth of the family business for the long term, our purpose is to make family assets grow, and to transfer with added value to the next generation. This requires the same management and organizational qualities, creativity, entrepreneurship and monitoring as in managing the family business.

360 degree advice


Econopolis offers a global and multi-disciplinary approach to asset allocation, macroeconomic insights and convictions about the trends for the coming years in the economy and society, management of securities, real estate advice, and assistance with and proposals for private investments. In order to meet the expectations of the families in the area of asset management, growth, monitoring and reporting of the assets, we analyze in advance the values, convictions and visions of the family. If desired, we can pour this together in a family charter.

Truly independent


The uniqueness of Econopolis's multi-family office approach lies in the expertise we've developed in various asset classes and asset activities, the relationship of trust with several prominent families, the multi-dimensional projects in which we can assist, and the unique way in which we succeed in involving the different generations in the capacity. Our clients come to us with a range of specific financial wishes as diverse as each of their lives. Our goal is to ensure that, as a client, you are financially prepared during times of transition, whether foreseen or unexpected.

The Econopolis approach has several advantages for families: we offer totally independent advice as we have no interests or advantages in the solutions we provide. We bring together the best independent specialists in various sub-fields to help you take care of your assets. We offer efficient reporting, an overview of your total assets and work for a fair and transparent fee.


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