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Privacy Policy

This privacy notice aims at informing you about the processing of your personal data by the Econopolis Group (hereafter “Econopolis”), which includes the following companies:

  • Econopolis NV, established at Sneeuwbeslaan 20, box 12, in 2610 Wilrijk
  • Econopolis Wealth Management NV, etablished at Sneeuwbeslaan 20, box 12, in 2610 Wilrijk
  • Econostrategy NV, established at Sneeuwbeslaan 20, box 12, in 2610 Wilrijk
  • Econodigital BV, established at Sneeuwbeslaan 20, box 12, in 2610 Wilrijk
  • Econopolis Switzerland SA, established at Quai des Forces Motrices 14 | CH-1204 Genève, Switzerland
  • EPi BV, established at Sneeuwbeslaan 20, box 12, in 2610 Wilrijk

These companies are jointly responsible for the processing of your personal data in the context of their business activities.

Personal data are any data that allow you to be identified, whether in a direct or indirect manner.

Which data are processed by Econopolis?

Econopolis only processes data which are relevant in the context of your relationship with Econopolis.

In principle, if you are not a client, Econopolis will not possess any personal data about you, unless you have entered these data yourself in the contact center on our website, or in a subscription form for one of our events or newsletters. In this case, Econopolis only processes your contact details as well as anonimised statistical results of our e-mailing campaigns, to measure the success rate of our newsletters and invites.

There is a possibility that our existing clients or connections refer us to you, when they are convinced that you would be interested in our services. If this is the case, we will inform you that we received your contact details. You can always ask us to stop contacting you in the future.

If you wish to establish a client relationship with Econopolis, we are legally obliged to request specific personal data. These data concern your identity details, contact details, family situation, your knowledge and experience in the investment field, your financial situation and your investment objectives.

During the client relationship, Econopolis also processes the transactional data related to the accounts we manage for you.

As a website visitor, you leave certain traces behind that allow the browser to identify you as an individual visitor. You can read more about these data in our cookie statement.

What purposes does Econopolis process personal data for and which legal grounds is this based on?

If you establish a contractual relation with us, Econopolis will process your personal data for the primary purpose of offering you our services, which are strictly regulated by financial legislation, in a regulatory compliant way.

Your personal data serve to find out in which manner we can manage your assets, advise you on investment matters, receive and transmit your orders or offer you insurance-based investment products.

Furthermore, we aim to bring forward the personal aspect in our service delivery: we like to keep you informed about the latest happenings in the markets, invite you for our events and, unless you prefer not to be reminded of that, like to congratulate you with your birthday and send you a Christmas card at the end of the year.

To measure whether our events and newsletters are relevant to the addressees, we collect statistical information (which is anonymised) that allows us to see the opening rate of our emails.

Under no circumstances will we sell your personal data to third parties.

Where does Econopolis send personal data to?

In the context of our contractual relationship we rely on third parties (such as the custodians of your financial products) and we are obliged to send them your identity details, in order to allow them to open an account on your name.

Econopolis also relies on third parties for the storage of data in general (cloud storage providers), in order to guarantee the continuity of our business and to avoid dependence on one physical storage location. These third parties comply with the European privacy standards.

For the organisation of events, we collaborate with event planners or co-organisers to arrange the practicalities, and with advertising bureaus for the distribution of the invites. These parties only receive the minimal amount of data necessary for the smooth running of the event.

Keeping in mind that Econopolis delivers strictly regulated financial services, there is always a possibility that the Financial supervisor (FSMA) requests access to certain data. In such a case, Econopolis is legally obliged to allow this access.

Furthermore, judicial and administrative authorities, as well as the police, have the possibility to request data in the context of an investigation.

What rights do you have?

Your personal data still belong to you, which is why you can exercise certain rights.

  • You can always ask us to get access to your client file, or any other personal data we may have in our possession, such as the data you delivered to us in our contact center.
  • You can always ask us to rectify your personal data, in case you have observed that we have incorrectly registered them.
  • You can ask us to erase certain personal data
    • Please note, in case we are legally or contractually obliged to store these personal data, we cannot erase them.
  • You can object against the processing of your personal data by Econopolis.
    • Note that, as Econopolis is legally obliged to process the majority of the data we have about you, we cannot always take on your request.
  • You have the right to request us to transfer your personal data to yourself or to a third party of your choice. This right can only be exercised for data that we have stored digitally. Any paper files cannot be in scope this right.
  • You can ask us to temporarily stop the processing of your personal data, whenever you suspect that we process your data without a legitimate justification.
  • You can always withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal data, in case you had previously given this consent for a specified processing activity.

To exercise your rights, you can always sen dan email to, or a letter to: Compliance Econopolis, Sneeuwbeslaan 20, box 12, 2610 Wilrijk.

Within 30 calendar days, we will reply to your request, and inform you whether or not we can satisfy your demand.

In any case, we will verify your identity before fulfilling any request, in order to ensure no one else but you gains access to your personal data.

If you are not satisfied with the way Econopolis handles your personal data, or your requests, you can always contact the Belgian data protection authority (“Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit”).

How long does Econopolis store personal data?

Econopolis only stores your data as long as they are needed in your client file, and no longer than we are legally obliged to store them.

Usually we store your client file until 10 years after the end of our relationship, due to the financial and bookkeeping regulation.

If you are not a client and you wish to unsubscribe to our newsletters and event invites, we will immediately remove you from our mailing list after receival of your notice.

Additional questions?

Any questions related to the processing of your personal data can be directed to