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Econopolis Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Econopolis Belgian Champions Fund is a sub-fund of Econopolis Funds, a Luxembourg domiciled SICAV with multiple compartments that meets the conditions of Directive 2009/65 / EC. Legal form: Limited Company.

  • Global Distributor: Conventum Asset Management SA, 9, Boulevard Prince Henri, L-1724 Luxembourg
  • Investment Manager: Econopolis Wealth Management NV, Sneeuwbeslaan 20 bus 12, 2610 Wilrijk (Belgium)
  • Depositary: Banque de Luxembourg, 14, boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg
  • Financial Agent in Belgium: CACEIS Bank Belgium Branch, Havenlaan 86C bus 320, 1000 Brussels (Belgium)


ISIN code

Retail investors (A-share class):

LU1869441946 (Capitalisation), LU1869442167 (Distribution)

Institutional Investors (I share-class):

LU1870191928 (Capitalisation), LU1870192140 (Distribution)

Legal form A sub-fund under Luxembourg law of the SICAV Econopolis Funds
Duration Undetermined, compartment without final maturity
Minimum investment 1/1000th of a share
Type of investment Equity
Investment horizon at least 5 years
Currency EUR

Gino Delaere

Senior Emerging Markets Consultant


Bernard Thant

Equity Analyst


The Sub-Fund is suitable for retail and institutional investors who consider an investment fund as a convenient way of participating in emerging market developments. The investors must have experience of volatile products. The investors must be able to accept significant temporary losses. As such, this Sub-Fund is suitable for investors that are able and that can afford to set aside the relevant capital for at least 5 years.



The objective of the sub-fund is to offer investors, by means of an actively man- aged portfolio, a long-term capital gain on their investment. This objective will be achieved by investing the assets of the sub-fund primarily in equity instru- ments that have their principal place of business and/or are listed in emerging markets (i.e. countries included in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index) or have substantial business exposure to such emerging markets.

The sub-fund invests mainly in equity positions that have their principal place of business and/or are listed in emerging markets or have substantial business exposure to such emerging markets or equivalents of equity positions (e.g. P- Notes or other similar instruments that provide equity like exposure related to markets which are hard to access) and cash or cash equivalent instruments.

The sub-fund will invest at least two–thirds of its assets in equities issued by com- panies or issuers, which have their registered office, or carry out a significant part, or growing part of their business in emerging markets. There are no lim- its or restrictions regarding currencies or other specific economic or industrial sectors or niches.

The sub-fund may use derivative instruments like options, futures or currency swaps and others, but only with the purpose to cover or limit risks on other in- vestments in the fund and these instruments should consequently not increase the overall risk profile.

The currency of the share class is expressed in EUR.

The investor has the right to redeem his shares on demand. The dealing in shares is carried out on each complete bank business day in Luxembourg. The attention of the investor is drawn to the fact that in exceptional circumstances, the possibility for the investor to request the redemption of his shares may be limited or suspended.

These shares are capitalisation shares. Income and capital gains are reinvested.

One-off charges taken before or after you invest:

  • Entry charge: maximum 3,00%
  • Exit charge: maximum 3,00%

Charges taken from the fund over a year:

  • Ongoing charge: 1,21% (institutional I-share class)

Charges taken from the fund under certain specific conditions:

  • Performance fee: none

Withholding tax on dividends for Belgian residents:

  • Capitalisation shares: 0,00%
  • Distribution shares: 30.00% (fiscal treatment according to the legislation in force, based on the individual situation of the investor, subject to changes in the fiscal law)


How can I invest in this fund?

1) Through Econopolis

You can contact us by telephone: +32 3 3 666 555 or by e-mail:

2) Through a financial intermediary

U can ask your retail bank to subscribe in the UCITS fund Econopolis Funds - Global Equity (please check first for the correct share class and ISIN code)

The Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund is calculated by the European Fund Administration.

For complaints please address to or +32 3 3 666 555. In second instance you can contact the Ombudsman of the financial sector via

Before deciding to invest in the sub-fund, the prospectus and key investor information must first be read. You can find these documents above.