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Always the right move


In the game of chess, the rook (tower) is stronger than a knight or bishop because it can cover more squares on the board and has a larger action radius. It may move in any horizontal or vertical direction over any number of squares. Econopolis is also a 'rook' (tower) in the economic chess game thanks to our unique investment strategy.

As an independent wealth manager, we attach great importance to both sustainability and performance. Creating value in the long term, that's what it's all about. Just like the better chess player, we combine years of expertise and thorough analysis with soundly supported outlook for the future.

And yes, we also think several moves ahead.

A tailor-made strategy


We look for the best opportunities for your assets, but with due respect for the way they were earned. Just like the 'rook' (tower) on the chess board moves freely, at Econopolis we look in a total free and unbiased way for the right asset allocation of your investments. That reduces the risks.

Opening game, middle game or endgame; every phase of the chess game has its own strategy. We go for a global and multi-disciplinary approach. We believe that asset management or wealth management must be tailor-made. Each of our clients is entitled to an individual approach that is based on the expertise and research of our investment experts. Thinking several moves ahead is what matters.


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