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E-mail disclaimer

Disclaimer Econopolis (Econopolis refers to Econopolis Wealth Management NV, Econopolis Strategy and all other subsidiaries of the Econopolis Group):

This email and any attachments are strictly confidential. They may contain privileged information and are intended solely for the named addressee(s) and access by any other person is unauthorized. If you are not the intended addressee, disclosure, reproduction, distribution, or any action taken or omitted in respect of such e-mail is prohibited and may be unlawful. If you are not the intended addressee, or have received this e-mail by error, please notify us immediately by e-mail ( and destroy this e-mail and any attached files.Unless expressly stated, opinions in this email are those of the individual sender, and not of Econopolis. Neither Econopolis nor any employee, agent or representative, is liable for any incorrect or incomplete transmission of information by e-mail or for any delay in its receipt, and this regardless of the cause (e.g. technical failure or computer viruses).

Econopolis processes your personal data in compliance with the relevant regulations. Our privacy statement shows what personal data Econopolis processes, for what purpose and with whom your data is shared.

Any person can report potential or actual infringements of EU law and national law as set forth in the Whistleblower Act. Econopolis' whistleblowing procedure can be found on the company website: